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Bit-Wizards Rakes in the ADDY® Awards Again for 2015!

Lisa Fuller and her ADDYEach year the American Advertising Federation runs the one of the largest, and most representative competitions mean to recognize creative talent in the advertising industry. This contest starts at the local level, and over 40,000 entries are submitted yearly. The ADDY® Competition is a three-tier process. The first tier is an entry at the local Ad Fed Club level, the second is a district competition, and the third is a national competition.

A Silver ADDY® Award is the recognition of a high level of creative achievement, and the Gold ADDY® is reserved for as the top recognition of the highest level of excellence in the creative industry. 

Samuel Blowes and his Gold ADDYThis year, Bit-Wizards is honored to take home 13 ADDY® Awards during the first round of the competition. Three of the awards won are Gold ADDY® Awards and nine are Silver. Bit-Wizards first Gold ADDY® Award came for the Socrata Financial Transparency Product Video.

The second and third Gold Awards Bit-Wizards won is for their website development work done on the IMG Models website which is a site deployed the the Microsoft Azure Cloud and build on the Kentico CMS platform. This project brought a Gold Best in Show in the Digital Category.

The other ten silver ADDY® Awards were won for the following projects.


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