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Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Index Ranks Bit-Wizards a 100% for 2015

Being a Microsoft Gold Managed Partner is a highly valued relationship for any technology company. Bit-Wizards has been a managed partner for six years and part of the process of renewing the technology competencies that garner that gold status is a partner’s participation in the Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Index (CSAT.)

Each year Microsoft conducts an independent survey for each partner. Microsoft contacts the partner’s customers and gathers information on a number of customer service categories. They then compile these findings and rate each partner based on the customer feedback received.

For four years, Bit-Wizards has received a 100% or above customer satisfaction rating from our clients. And this year is no different. The Wizard mantra: “your success, is our success” rings true in the Microsoft Customer Satisfaction report each year.

The most important part of the solutions we build for our customers at Bit-Wizards is the success it brings for them in the long term. We understand that technology can be somewhat scary to those who simply want to solve their business problem. Our goal is to take what is scary out of the equation and bring a solution that makes sense and delivers value to their business.

Over time, the Customer Satisfaction Survey has changed, but the quality of the survey has remained the same. All of the Bit-Wizards rankings are below:

This Year's Ranking

Customer Satisfaction Score 2014-2015

Customer survey responses about the Bit-Wizards team:

“Bit-Wizards has been fantastic to work with; recently they have helped us with implementation and continue to help us improve our SharePoint Portal for internal use.”

“I appreciate Bit-Wizards' flexibility and responsiveness.”

Historical Customer Satisfaction Rankings

Customer Satisfaction Score 2009-2010

Customer Satisfaction Score 2010-2011

Customer Satisfaction Score 2011-2012

Customer Satisfaction Score 2012-2013

If interested, you can read more about the Microsoft CSAT Index here:


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