Fresh Start: Telling a Non-profit Story with Video


Fresh Start: Telling a Non-profit Story with Video

Fresh Start is a 9-month transition program for homeless families and children. They focus on helping these homeless families build self-sufficiency by integrating local programs and goal setting strategies while providing a safe, stable environment for growth and education.

Bit-Wizards believes wholeheartedly in supporting local non-profit organizations which in turn help build our economy. Giving back is part of the Wizard culture.

Recently, the marketing team at Bit-Wizards worked closely with the Fresh Start staff and residents to build a power video that tells the story of the impactful work that Fresh Start does for the community.
From the beginning of the project, the marketing team at BW decided that the most important part of this project would be to show the results and life changes that occur due to the dedication and process that the Fresh Start organization has in place. This video is already having an impact in the community.

Tracey Williams, Executive Director, Fresh StartThere is no more powerful way to overcome perception challenges and change people’s opinion than to provide them with an accurate picture of what our organization does for the community.  The marketing team at Bit-Wizards consulted with us on the right approach to telling our story. They made sure the viewers get a glimpse into the front lines of what we do at Fresh Start.  There is no more powerful way to garner new support for our programs. The value of this video is truly immeasurable for our organization.
-Tracey Williams, Executive Director Fresh Start

Watch the video by clicking play on the header image of this article.



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