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Kentico 9 Upgrade Brings Increased Performance and Efficiency

Bit-Wizards has been a Kentico partner since 2004. Throughout this time the BW development team as learned and grown with each new version of the Kentico product. Kentico launched their version 9 of their product in November 2015. Shortly after the product launch, BW built a website for Regenerative Property Solutions, Inc on the brand new Kentico 9 platform.

Naturally, the next step would be to upgrade the current Bit-Wizards Kentico website from version 8.2 to Kentico 9. With the development skills of Mike Whalen and Anthony Fuller, the Bit-Wizards team upgraded the BW site and also split the databases to optimize performance.

Mike Whalen, Director of Digital StrategyUpgrading to Kentico 9 has ensured we are running on the latest technology and gives us access to the new tools such as the new campaign manager for enhanced digital marketing. We also have seen a noticeable improvement in performance from both the front-end and back-end of the site which provides an improved user experience and helps us be more efficient.
– Mike Whalen, Director of Digital Strategy

In addition to upgrading to version 9, we took the opportunity to transition our hosting platform from Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to Microsoft Azure App Services. This move allows us to more efficiently and effectively maintain and deploy the website without sacrificing any of the high-availability benefits that the cloud service platform provided.


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