Mike Whalen is Bit-Wizards’ First Kentico Certified Marketer

kentico certified marketer

Mike Whalen is Bit-Wizards’ First Kentico Certified Marketer

On March 1, 2016, Kentico released the new Kentico Marketer Certification. Kentico ensured partners that gaining recognition as a Kentico expert with Kentico Marketer Certification verifies their practical experience and familiarity with Kentico, as well as their knowledge of digital marketing. Director of Digital Strategy, Mike Whalen, became the first Kentico Certified Marketer at Bit-Wizards immediately following the release of the certification materials. 

Partnership History

Bit-Wizards is a Kentico Gold Certified Partner and has developed more than 250 websites since 2000. As a gold partner, Bit-Wizards has been pushing the envelope with website development since becoming a partner in 2000. Bit-Wizards was the first Kentico partner to move to the cloud and begin Kentico website development in Microsoft Azure in 2011. Since then, the Wizard web development team has won multiple awards for their development and deployments in the cloud. The Mapex MyDentity Application won the Best Cloud Deployment in 2013, and the IMG Models Website also won the Best Cloud Deployment in 2015.

Bit-Wizards holds a number of Kentico Competencies:  E-CommerceDevelopment & IntegrationMicrosoft AzureOnline Marketing

kentico certified marketer certificateMoving forward alongside their partner Kentico, Bit-Wizards has built a service offering around Digital Marketing, and with the introduction of the Kentico Marketer Certification, Bit-Wizards’, Director of Digital Strategy, Mike Whalen is a driving force for bringing more certified marketers to the Bit-Wizards team. 

As Kentico continues to improve their products to support the needs of marketers, Bit-Wizards will continue to work with them to provide feedback and insight from customers to help make these tools the best they can be for the end-user.



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