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Bit-Wizards Launches New Talking Parents Website

The Bit-Wizards Solution Delivery and Digital Marketing teams are excited to announce the launch of a new website for Talking Parents. Talking Parents is a free communication tool for co-parents, and their goal is to improve communication and help co-parents avoid disputes. The Talking Parents tool allows users to share conversations, documents, and events using a secure application. Talking Parents stores those conversations in an unalterable record that is admissible in court. The court system has also embraced the use of Talking Parents by ordering the use of the tool for all nature of family court litigation.

The new website features an entirely new design built on the Kentico Content Management System hosted in Microsoft Azure and optimized for mobile device browsing. The site also integrates with the custom-built Talking Parents application that stores the unalterable records for each user. The website also integrates with custom Talking Parents mobile apps built for both the iOS and Android platforms which launched in 2016.

-Louis Erickson, Chief Operations Officer

Bit-Wizards is proud to play a significant role with our longtime partner Monitored Communications and the launch of the new Talking Parents website. We continue to assist Talking Parents in adding features that allow co-parents to communicate better and add a layer of accountability not found in this market. Bit-Wizards will continue to contribute as new features are added and will be taking a more significant role in support through the addition of digital marketing efforts that will spread the word about this highly useful tool for co-parenting.

Louis Erickson, Chief Operations Officer
Talking Parents currently offers two Pricing Plans. All Standard Plan (free) users have access to the service via any web browser, and because the site is responsive for all device sizes, the service works perfectly in a browser on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop device. The Premium Plan (paid) users enjoy the use of Talking Parent's convenient iOS or Android mobile apps among several other benefits. View Talking Parents Pricing Plans.

Along with the new website launch the tool now includes a Journal feature free to users on either plan. This feature allows users to easily make notes and journal significant aspects of their co-parenting journey. This feature is private to each user and is not viewable by their matched co-parent.

Monitored Communications, the parent company of Talking Parents, plans to expand their product’s features dramatically in the next year. To aid in this feature improvement and overall growth strategy for Talking Parents, Bit-Wizards is utilizing the HubSpot Professional Marketing Hub for all Talking Parents' digital marketing needs. Current and future Talking Parents users will benefit significantly from the solid technology partnership built with the Bit-Wizards team.

Check out the new Talking Parents Website.



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