Bit-Wizards Team Earns Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Bit-Wizards Team Earns Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

The Microsoft technology stack is continuously evolving to meet the demands of business, and today, Bit-Wizards is pleased to announce that its software engineering team recently acquired two Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Certifications. Part of ensuring the delivery of successful client projects includes enabling development teams’ opportunities for continuous education on the most secure and highly available cloud platforms in the world. 

Mike Whalen, Director of Solution Delivery 

Developing software today is very complicated. There is a wide array of infrastructure options, multi-tier deployment environments, diverse technology stacks, and rigorous security and compliance requirements for each solution. Architecting, developing, testing, monitoring, auditing, and deploying these solutions requires many moving pieces to work together in harmony. We know that a good DevOps strategy is a key to orchestrating and managing this process. Achieving the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification ensures that our engineers are prepared to design and implement these strategies in a manner that is most effective and brings the most success to our clients.

– Mike Whalen, Director of Solution Delivery  
The software engineering and cloud infrastructure teams at Bit-Wizards design their DevOps strategy around an Agile software development method and they use Azure DevOps to enforce quality and compliance requirements. Along with the following:

  • Building robust deployment pipelines and implementing a secure release management workflow.

  • Implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery with dependency management and infrastructure-as-code (IaC) solutions. 

  • Developing continuous feedback solutions to monitor system and application health and performance.

Successful technology projects demand the need to combine people, processes, and technologies to continuously build valuable products and services that meet end-user needs and business goals. Bit-Wizards’ 19-year history of successful software project delivery demonstrates their continued ability to connect the power of technology to enable businesses to achieve their objectives. Learn more about the Bit-Wizards team certifications on the Wizard Team page.


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