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Saint George Medical Center Chooses Bit-Wizards Managed IT Services

Bit-Wizards announced today that Saint George Medical Center has chosen to switch from their current break/fit IT provider and partner with them for Managed IT Services. Saint George Medical headed by Dubner Saintilus and Dr. Erica George-Saintilus, is a state-of-the-art medical facility in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

After experiencing continued connectivity problems, Saint George Medical Center contacted their current local IT service provider, who was unable to provide a resource to investigate their issue. In frustration, they reached out to Bit-Wizards for help.

The Bit-Wizards Managed IT Services team quickly sent out an IT pro to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, their problem originated on a device owned by their current IT service provider. That vendor was unable to supply the login information for the device because they did not keep it on file. To temporarily resolve the connectivity issue, Bit-Wizards placed a mobile hotspot and connected the office PC's to that device.

Because of Bit-Wizards' quick and professional response to this issue, Saint George decided to switch from their current break/fix IT provider to reliable and trusted Managed IT Services with Bit-Wizards.

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