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Develop an application, build a brand, or move to the cloud.


From customer facing apps for iOS, Android, or Windows; to internal line-of-business applications with complex integrations to your current systems – we’ve got you covered.

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Our digital marketing specialists architect digital marketing strategies and deliver business goal-aligned services for both B2B and B2C companies by unifying business, marketing, and technology.

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Our Infrastructure team takes all the pieces of the business solutions built by our engineers and digital marketing teams, and they create a safe, stable, highly-available environment that exists in either the cloud, on-premises, or both.

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When we designed our Managed IT Services (MITS) offering we started by thinking of businesses that need real IT support, but can't afford the overhead and workforce it takes to do it right. Our service is for your small or medium-size business.

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Darin Smith, Project Manager

Inventory Control: Using Software to Control Hardware

When you hear the words “software engineering” the logical conclusion is that software is involved, which is true. What is less obvious is that a lot of software is written for the purpose of controlling hardware.    ...

Jason Monroe, Associate Director, Solution Development

Proactive and Reactive IT: An Approach to Ransomware

Being in the IT business and working with a variety of companies to address their IT needs has provided some perspective on how businesses approach their IT budgets. The fact is, most of the organizations we work with approach their IT  ...

Simone Canekeratne, Content Specialist

Facebook Marketing Strategies

In our Guide to Social Media Marketing we discussed how you can use popular digital platforms to reach your audience online. Perhaps the most popular platform to do this with is (yes, you guessed it) Facebook.  According to   ...

Wiz E. Wig, Mascot & Director of Magic


In our previous Marketing Blog Series, we covered many topics from social to traditional marketing. We  established that marketing is integral for companies of all sizes and remains one of the key ways companies  find new  ...

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