Tip of the Wand Radio Show Library

Dan Diamond from Ask the Experts, WFTW-AM News Talk 1260, sits down each week on Tuesday at 8:30 am with Bit-Wizards CEO, Vince Mayfield, and Director of IT, Sam Blowes, to discuss current IT news that affects any size business. Click here to listen to the live feed of the show on Tuesday's at 8:30am.

Show Details

In typical Bit-Wizards fashion, the show has a uniquely wizardly name. Bit-Wizards' feature is called The Tip of the Wand. Each week the show consists of three main segments.

  • Segment 1: Bits & Bytes - Learn about recent tech-centric news and how it applies to your life and your business. 
  • Segment 2: What'sWhat's Up Our Sleeve – Find out about some of the most painful parts of owning a business and the technology that comes with it. Learn what you, as a business owner or manager, can do to remove some of the daily IT frustration you may experience. 
  • Segment 3: From the Spell Book – The Bit-Wizards team will demystify geek terminology you may often hear, and they may even provide a useful technology fact.


Listen to a Past Show

Episode 1 - 11/5/2019 - IT Security & Your Business
Episode 2 - 11/12/2019 - What is a Virtual CIO, and Why Do I Need One?
Episode 3 - 11/19/2019 - Using the Cloud in Your Business: Safety, Cost, and How to Get Started.
Episode 4 - 11/26/2019 - End of Windows 7 & Why You Probably Need New Computers
Episode 5 - 12/3/2019 - What is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and Why Should You Care?
Episode 6 - 12/10/2019 - Insight into the City of Pensacola Cyber Attack and Why You Need a REAL Firewall for your business.
Episode 7 - 12/17/2019 - How to Choose Strong Passwords & How to Manage Them All
Episode 8 - 01/07/2020 - 2020 Technology Trends for Businesses
Episode 9 - 01/14/2020 - If Your Business is Using Freeware You're Data is at Risk
Episode 10 - 01/21/2020 - Coming soon​
Episode 11 - 01/28/2020 - Coming soon