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The Best IT Help for Small & Medium-Size Businesses

Your business—not IT problems—should always be your primary focus. Our Managed IT Solution gives you the peace of mind you need to stay focused on your customers. Our team of friendly IT engineers continually monitor your IT infrastructure to ensure that your network is safe and secure.

When your employees need technology assistance, our team is there with a smile ready to help. Our cost-effective managed IT services keep your network and employees humming smoothly along, which keeps them more productive than ever before. We take care of IT so that you can take care of business.

Why is Managed IT Services Right for Your Business?

nullCost-Effective IT Support

Our Managed IT Services (MITS) is a cost-effective solution for most small and medium-sized businesses. Our diverse team of IT professionals has years of experience across multiple industries. When you choose to work with Bit-Wizards, your company benefits from our team's collective knowledge.

You are hiring an entire staff of certified IT professionals without the impossible costs that come with hiring, training, equipping, and maintaining a large department of IT professionals with diverse skills. We built our service using enterprise-class tools and standardized our service on them so that we get the best pricing which we pass on to our customers. We train our engineers to be experts in these tools and technologies, which reduces the time it takes to solve problems, which, in turn, saves our customers more money.

nullGet Your Time & Focus Back

Technology is a necessity for every business. Unfortunately, managing it is time-consuming, complicated, and continually changing. As a business owner or manager, it is hard to know what technology to purchase, how and who to hire, and how to manage and keep them accountable when you may know very little about IT yourself. Our service allows you to be hands-off until you need us. We give you back valuable time to focus on what you are best at—managing and growing your business.

nullImprove Office Productivity

When employees or business owners troubleshoot IT problems, they tend to spend excessive time trying to fix issues that an IT professional could fix in minutes. Sometimes they will live with the problem and apply workarounds that take more time than the right solution. Both scenarios kill productivity.

Our Managed IT Service allows you and your employees to focus on your jobs. Our friendly IT engineers are here when you need them, and they keep your team humming along smoothly when problems do arise. We help increase the overall productivity of your business, thus increasing the time your employees serve your customers and grow your revenue.

nullMore Than Just an IT Help Desk

No one likes to work with a jerk. And IT support vendors who treat you like you should understand their lingo or know more about technology are crazy! Our friendly, certified, experienced IT engineers want to help you. They have your company's best interests in mind. When they complete a support request or leave your office, you can be confident that they fixed your IT issue and that your team can stay productive. They might even bring donuts! Meet our team.

nullIT Security & Peace of Mind

While no IT solution is 100% secure, our Managed IT Service (MITS) provides robust security with layers of protection and recovery options if a breach ever does occur.

When you partner with Bit-Wizards, we guard your company. Our security features include enterprise-grade firewalls, virus protection, advanced threat protection for email, alert monitoring, personnel training, regular backups, and cloud-based disaster recovery restoration. Our tools can even keep disgruntled ex-employees from taking valuable company data to your competitors. Security and peace of mind go hand-in-hand, and our service provides both.

Innovative cloud solutions IconInnovative cloud solutions

Become more resilient, efficient, and adaptable than ever with our cloud infrastructure services. Bit-Wizards’ cloud offerings include Office 365 migration, infrastructure optimization, application migration, site recovery, hybrid cloud server & network integration, managed hosting in Azure, and cloud migrations. Our IT team can also provide custom cloud solutions to fit the needs of your unique business, taking operations, collaboration, and growth to new heights. Learn more.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery IconBusiness Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business continuity means you can keep your business running even if a disaster occurs, it is also vital to the long-term success of your company. Our Managed IT Service ensures that your business is secure and accessible no matter the possible business interruption.

The next time you have to think about evacuating your family for a storm, you won't have to worry about your business—and you can continue to get work done wherever you go as long as you have an internet connection. You can have peace of mind knowing that we always have your data backed up and ready to restore no matter the emergency. Learn more.

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