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Sandestin Investments Partners with Bit-Wizards

About Sandestin Investments, LLC

Sandestin Investments, LLC, is the leading developer and operator of resorts, hotels, and destination communities along Florida's Emerald Coast. A snapshot of SDI's collection includes: 

  • Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

  • Cottage Rental Agency at Seaside

  • The Palms of Destin Resort & Conference Center

  • Silver Shells Beach Resort & Spa

  • Silver Beach Towers

Sandestin Investments, LLC, was formed in early 2010 as Mr. Tom Becnel was acquiring Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. There are dozens of businesses within the Sandestin Resort, including four championship golf courses, a world-class tennis facility, a 98-slip marina, a fitness center and spa, and a collection of food and beverage and retail operations. 

The in-house IT team at Sandestin Investments, LLC, did an excellent job meeting the needs of their growing enterprise; and they put considerable thought into their physical infrastructure planning. However, with IT security an ever-increasing concern for most companies today, the Sandestin team needed a way to scale their infrastructure and processes to meet the demands of an ever-growing IT environment while keeping security in mind. 

Network Assessment Project

In late 2019, Sandestin engaged with the Bit-Wizards Managed IT Services team to perform a comprehensive network assessment and remediation plan. 

The network assessment identifies and inventories existing firewalls, security appliances, switches, access points, and controllers in place within Sandestin's IT environment. The purpose of the network assessment is to enable the Bit-Wizards team to identify items for urgent remediation, propose upgrades and optimization options for the logical network, and outline a plan to replace physical hardware and optimize the customer's network.

Through an on-site visit, combined with network scanning software deployed for several days, Bit-Wizards documented a detailed inventory of the Sandestin Investments' network to understand its current state. The evaluation took place in two parts. First, an on-site interview with a tour of the physical location and second, a detailed network discovery performed using enterprise-grade network visibility tools. 
Bit-Wizards addressed four phases for implementation and remediation.

  • Phase 1 - Address immediate matters to ensure network stability

  • Phase 2 - Reconfiguration of the logical environment for security and manageability

  • Phase 3 - Upgrade physical hardware and right-size for Sandestin's specific needs

  • Phase 4 - Create a network optimization strategy for efficient business continuity 


Phase 1 Completion 

Bit-Wizards worked closely with the IT department at Sandestin Investments throughout this project. During Phase 1, Michael Chance, Lead Infrastructure Engineer, spent several days collaborating on-site, making adjustments to firewalls, wireless access points, servers, and switches. 

Network security was a significant concern for Sandestin Investments, and now that Phase 1 is complete, the IT department at Sandestin operates and supports the needs of their company without the fear of a security breach. The upgrades and optimization options for the logical network are planned for Q1 2020. 

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