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Office 365 Migration

Project Summary and Client Background

Bit-Wizards created a highly available, redundant email system that utilizes the same user credentials for the cloud and premise network environment. 

The Challenge

Winter Park Construction (WPC) wanted to build out their private cloud data center into a public cloud solution, and also offer employees the ability to use single login and password credentials across email and their IT network. IT wanted to be able to manage these users and data using Active Directory in Microsoft Exchange. 

The usual servers (hardware) that would be necessary to implement this solution would have consisted of a large capital outlay, but Winter Park Construction did not want to invest this large amount of money or time in the hardware necessary to move this project forward.

The Solution

Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) served to meet the need of WPC’s challenge. Bit-Wizard’s cloud infrastructure experts set up an Azure IaaS account and connected the private on-premises infrastructure to the new public cloud infrastructure in Azure. They then replicated WPC’s Active Directory (internal user data) in Windows Azure public cloud.
microsoft azure with office 365

Bit-Wizards' Office 365 Experts then configured Office 365 ADFS (Active Directory Federated Services) to authenticate with WPC’s ADFS Servers in Azure public cloud so that they could maintain email, SharePoint, and Lync resources even if their on-premise data center went down. Then they set up the external DNS in high availability groups within Windows Azure IaaS.
active directory with single sign on

The Result

Winter Park Construction now has a highly available, redundant email system that allows users to sign in to the cloud portal with the same credentials that they use for their on premise network environment. This gives WPC better overall administration of their email infrastructure. The WPC users can access their Office 365 portal from any device with peace of mind knowing that their information is safe and secure. If they choose in the future, WPC could easily move to Microsoft Intune and CRM.

Capital Investment & Deployment Time Savings

The capital investment for servers is outrageous. Because they chose Azure IaaS, WPC saved thousands of dollars in infrastructure hardware cost.

Without the cloud solution Bit-Wizards implemented WPC would have waited up to six weeks to see the completion of this project. The cloud solution cost them only four hours.
office 365 information protection
Client Name: Winter Park Construction
Year: 2013
Industry: Aerospace
Winter Park Construction is a national multi-unit construction company located in Maitland, Florida. They are experts in all aspects of the construction process and have acquired 39+ years of expertise in the construction of hospitality, multi-family, commercial, senior, military, and student housing development projects.
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