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What is Managed IT Services?

When looking at managed IT services providers, getting lost in all the technical jargon can be easy. However, most managed IT providers offer some standard features that are helpful to note. Let’s explore some of the essential components provided by managed IT providers and what these features offer to your business.

Hardware solutionsnetwork switch

Hardware includes all the physical components of your computers and technology. Most managed IT services providers hand-pick the hardware that they include in their service to their clients. This allows the provider to maintain a secure and high-performing network.  

By using the same type of equipment for their clients, managed IT service providers can specialize in the functionality of the technology. This specialization means that the managed IT team understands all the unique aspects of the hardware. Additionally, using monitoring allows the IT team to know about potential issues that could affect your devices before they become an issue for your business.

Many managed IT services providers include enterprise-grade equipment (products and tools that integrate into your business infrastructure seamlessly), including firewalls, managed switches, managed Wi-Fi, and other devices as needed. Fortinet FortiGate firewallsUbiquiti Unifi switches, and access points are excellent options for business hardware.

A managed IT services provider can also help your business with hardware management in the event of a business interruption, such as a storm or hurricane. Our clients count on us to communicate with them ahead of a natural disaster and keep them informed of best practices concerning their hardware. Click here to learn more about how the Bit-Wizards Managed IT Services team can assist your company with business continuity and disaster recovery in case a storm strikes.

Monthly managed IT services fees often include monitoring, managing, updating, and maintaining all the hardware deployed to your business. Managed IT providers work proactively to resolve the hardware issue and maintain business continuity.

Software Solutionssecure workstation

Software controls your hardware, and like most managed IT services providers, Bit-Wizards carefully chooses the best software for our customers. Some of the most important software for your business allows you to work, communicate, and keep your information secure.

An example of this kind of software is Microsoft 365 Enterprise (previously known as Office 365). Since Microsoft is the leader in this market, their products are the most robust and secure. Managed IT services providers also install enterprise-grade anti-virus and malware protection software on their workstations. Some excellent choices for this kind of software are Bitdefender and Microsoft's 365 Advanced Threat Protection for email and file share scanning.

Monitoring software allows managed IT professionals to update customer workstations, remotely access computers to help with quick fixes, and get notifications if something is not working. Monitoring software also alerts managed IT companies when someone is trying to gain access to a network, or a malware threat is present. Proactive monitoring means that managed IT services professionals can immediately act and keep the IT environment working smoothly and safely.

Communication software refers to programs that allow you to work securely and communicate with your team, even when you are not in the office. Software such as Microsoft TeamsZoom, and Ring Central allows team members to remain in contact.

Managed IT services teamsImage of IT Professional at Work

We all know that no matter who you hire to manage your IT, the last (and probably most important) piece of the puzzle is the people you will call when you need help. The benefit of hiring a managed IT service is that typically professional services employ a team of diverse experts.

The combined experience of these IT experts spans hardware, software, networking, servers, security, and more, which means you— the customer— reap the benefit of that breadth and depth of experience every time you pick up the phone for help.

At Bit-Wizards, those people are our certified, friendly, infrastructure engineers. All our IT pros are experts in their fields and hold the latest trainings and certifications in their specialties. Additionally, our IT team treats our clients like family. As an IT client at Bit-Wizards, you will become a true partner with us, not just another number. Learn about our team here.

Benefits of managed IT 

Some of the best managed IT service providers offer additional services, including Services Management and Virtual CIO Services.

Services Management is when your IT professional steps in and works with your technology services so that you don't have to! This type of assistance can include troubleshooting connectivity issues with your internet service provider. At Bit-Wizards, our team does the frustrating and time consuming job of resolving internet connectivity problems with your internet service provider while you stay focused on your business.

A Virtual CIO provides your business with a Chief Information Officer who is readily at your disposal—without the 6-digit salary. A virtual CIO helps customers plan for future technology challenges and meet business goals.

Our customers enjoy a virtual CIO service that includes monitoring their current IT landscape and providing a quarterly business review with a virtual CIO. During this quarterly review, we continue to work through challenges and strategize how technology can be an asset to their business. If it's a new phone system that they need to purchase, our team does the technical legwork to figure out what technology and implementation are right for their business.

How to pick a managed IT services providerChoosing Managed IT Services | Image of Question Marks

Of course, not all managed IT services providers are the same. When comparing IT service providers, consider the hardware and software that they recommend and do your own research.

Additionally, ask if they provide proactive monitoring. Without proactive monitoring, these IT companies do not know if your hard drive will fail or if your internet connection is spotty. The best part of a proactive managed IT services provider is that you may never even feel the effects of some IT issues. If you are considering a break/fix IT service, check out our article on Break/Fix vs. Managed IT.  

If you are looking for someone to manage your business IT, Bit-Wizards can help. Get a free network security assessment today.


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