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 How engineering firms can benefit from partnering with a managed service provider.

Why Engineering Firms Need Managed IT

How engineering firms can benefit from partnering with a managed service provider.

Buildings, bridges, and other critical structures and infrastructure exist thanks to engineers. Engineering firms of all specialties rely on exact measurements, complex design files, and more to bring their creations to life. Construction companies, land developers, and others depend on an engineering firm's precision and expertise to advance their projects. Every step of a firm's process requires meticulous accuracy and consistency, and any interruptions or errors due to IT problems can cause significant losses to revenue and efficiency. As it benefits other industries, working with a managed service provider (MSP) can offer engineering firms increased IT resiliency, collaboration, and security benefits.

Reinforced resiliency

Engineering firms deal with massive amounts of data and specifications in design and project management software. Every project depends on that information being functional and accessible at all times. If your firm deals with IT problems that impact internal and external work, the resulting downtime can send projects to a screeching halt until you resume normal operations. Even if your internet connection is out for just a few minutes, that can severely impact your employees' time-sensitive projects and conversations with contractors.

In most cases, IT problems can also contribute to data loss. Your firm can lose significant progress if an engineer doesn't save their work or incorrectly overwrites someone else's details. Firms can lose anywhere from an hour to a month's worth of work without proper backups and data storage, regardless of whether they're impacted by downtime. Jason Monroe, Solution Consultant at Bit-Wizards, says firms can suffer even more significant consequences because of data loss.

"Your typical engineering firm has so many engineering plans, CAD drawings, and other files that contain extensive information," Monroe explains. "If any of that gets corrupted or lost and isn't backed up properly, your firm can expect to lose significant revenue."

By working with an MSP, engineering firms can rest easy knowing that professionals handle their data storage and IT problems, enabling their engineers to focus on their projects. An MSP ensures that internet and other IT problems are resolved quickly to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. MSPs can also create, automate, test, and restore backups to prepare for and manage instances of data loss. Instead of your engineers spending days struggling to recover on their own, your MSP can help get your business back in working order within hours of an interruption.

Cohesive collaboration

Engineers and project managers must juggle different timelines, work with internal departments, and collaborate with contractors and other third parties to complete projects. With teams often moving between offices, job sites, and vendor locations, efficient collaboration can make or break a firm's ability to meet deadlines. While modern technology has advanced communication for businesses, MSPs take it further by adapting programs like Microsoft Teams to enhance a firm's productivity.

In addition to programs intended for communication, MSPs equip engineering firms with the document and file storage needed for real-time collaboration. While programs like Microsoft Loop are dedicated to more overarching levels of teamwork, other Microsoft programs like Word and Excel have built-in collaboration tools. Monroe describes a situation where a firm can expect a commonly underappreciated benefit after working with an MSP to revamp collaboration.

"If an engineer needs information for a client proposal that only the finance team has, that team can update the proposal even as the engineer travels to the presentation," says Monroe. "Instead of racing to update and send an updated version, you can work together on the same document without the risk of losing files in your email inbox."

Strengthened security

Bad actors are always on the prowl for their next victim, and engineering firms are no exception to their list of potential targets. Outside of day-to-day operations, firms manage personal information for employees and clients that could cause catastrophic damage if subjected to ransomware or other cyberattacks. If a firm doesn't implement the right combination of protections, it could lose significant revenue and damage its reputation. Outside of those losses, operations would come to a complete stop for at least some time. Unluckier businesses may suffer such substantial damage that they close for good.

MSPs are experts in IT security, offering peace of mind by managing your firm's protective measures. After assessing your firm and identifying potential risks, an MSP can provide recommendations and craft a multi-layered approach that enhances security for your business and its employees. MSPs are also capable of monitoring security threats and helping firms establish and implement a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. By working with MSPs, Monroe says engineering firms can shed their security concerns and devote their efforts to their clients.

"In most cases, many businesses will implement one security measure that's as secure as a safe that doesn't need a combination to open it," explains Monroe. "Your IT provider will implement every measure needed to secure your business in as many ways as possible."

The Bit-Wizards advantage

Just as your firm's potential clients have plenty of options to choose from for their projects, countless MSPs technically check the boxes for your firm's IT needs. Even though many options could work, you want the best option that offers outstanding benefits for your engineers and clients. At Bit-Wizards, our Managed IT Services (MITS) include thorough security measures, innovative solutions, and other advantages that surpass some of the best MSP offerings.

While it can be challenging to identify the best provider for your firm, a few factors often help the decision-making process. When hiring a company for a specific service, you want to see a track record of excellent performance. With this in mind, the team at Bit-Wizards goes above and beyond to ensure every client has a success story to tell. Monroe emphasizes that our rare foundation of experts who care greatly is what sets Bit-Wizards apart from the competition.

"People don't want to work with us because we can fix their IT—it's because we care about their IT and their business," affirms Monroe. "Outside of wanting to solve their problems, we strive to form partnerships with our clients and make them feel respected, protected, and supported."

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