Warranty Management – Free New Service for Bit-Wizards IT Clients

Warranty Management – Free New Service for Bit-Wizards IT Clients

As our MITS (Managed IT Services) clients know, we already provide pro-active monitoring on workstations and servers, we manage updates and antivirus, etc. On top of that, we provide a direct phone number and email address so that our clients can call and get IT issues solved quickly. In fact, our managed IT service provides much more than we can list right here - check it out. Today, we are happy to announce a new service we've added for all our MITS clients at no extra cost; warranty management!

Tracking Warranties Saves You Money

I know, I know... warranties are boring, and nobody wants to think about them or worry about them, which is why we're adding it as a new service.

As a MITS client, 90% of all the issues we solve we're able to tackle remotely. We just remote into your PC or Mac, fix the problem, log out, and you're all fixed up and ready to work! But now and then a piece of hardware goes bad, or a laptop stops turning on, or a screen goes blank, and we have to work on the physical hardware. Our "bench support" (working on hardware in house) rates match our "remote support" (remoting into your device and fixing it online) rates, but often the malfunctioning computer requires a replacement of some hardware, which costs you money out of pocket on top of the time to replace it. We do our best to minimize those costs by repairing what can be repaired and only replacing what is necessary. We let you know how much the replacement hardware will cost, and then we order and replace the necessary parts.

The best-case scenario is whenever we discover that the device we're working on is still under the manufacturer's warranty. We contact the manufacturer for you (e.g. Dell, Apple, Microsoft, etc.), relay the technical information they need, and get the replacement parts shipped for free, which saves you a lot of money! We don't want you to pay for equipment you've already paid for once.
So now we're automating the warranty look-up process on our end. We will know immediately whether we can get the hardware replaced for you, for free!

Another benefit of our new warranty management system is that we can see when a computer's warranty is about to expire. This lets us know when a computer is reaching its end of life, and we can help you plan for new devices accordingly. We're firm believers in proactive monitoring. We love to anticipate failures before they happen - saving you time and money.

How Does it Work?

We already track all the computers and servers in our clients' networks. We can see if a hard drive is getting full, and we can be notified if a machine is consistently running out of memory or losing internet connection.

Now, we've added warranty management which logs and tracks the unique serial numbers of all those network devices. We then cross-reference the serial numbers with the manufacturers' online warranty look-up service, and then retrieve any available warranty information and store it alongside that specific device in our database.

When we look up a computer in our system we can now see how much longer it remains covered by a warranty. All of this is automated and set to trigger alerts for us when certain thresholds are met, so we can be notified when a device requires attention.

Get Warranty Management

  • If you are one of our Managed IT (MITS) Clients, you don't have to do a single thing! The next time you have a hardware issue that requires our attention we'll let you know if your device is under warranty. If it's covered, we'll take care of the replacement for you. If it's not, we'll discuss your options with you, and come up with some prices and help you decide between repairing or replacing older computers. We'll also review your soon-to-expire devices at your quarterly review meeting. And the best part; this service is provided at no additional charge to you! You likely (hopefully!) won't even see the benefits of this new service right away, but I know this will make Joaquin's life easier when he's working on the stack of client laptops that usually sits on his desk. You have no idea how much he stresses about saving you money!
  • If you are not one of our Manage IT (MITS) Clients, and feel like this service would help your business, just give us a ring! 850-864-4558 or check out more info on MITS and get in touch.



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