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Bit-Wizards' Microsoft Azure Cloud Economics Program Soars

Bit-Wizards started their Microsoft Partner journey in 2001 and became a Gold Microsoft Partner in 2004. As Microsoft moved to the cloud, so did Bit-Wizards, and in 2013 they became one of the very first Azure Circle Partners. As cloud technology has evolved, the programs have, too, Bit-Wizards launched a Cloud Infrastructure team to support the needs of their clients and build a practice around helping customers Moveretransform their business using cutting edge technology.

Recognizing the need of customers to manage their cloud infrastructure and right-size it as business needs change, Bit-Wizards joined forces with Movere as a Platinum Partner. Movere provides in-depth data that help determine the proper resources required in the cloud to optimize cost and identify application and system dependencies. As a Movere partner, Bit-Wizards quickly began taking that the Movere data and using it to plan out a migration path for their customers. Then when Microsoft launched the Cloud Economics Partner Program, Bit-Wizards leveraged the opportunity to help even more companies with their ever-changing cloud needs by launching their Comprehensive Infrastructure Value Assessment (CIVA).

Microsoft Cloud Economics Partner Program

The Microsoft Cloud Economics Partner Program has two Assessments: Cloud Economics and Modern Workplace. This program requires partners like Bit-Wizards to meet a stringent set of certification requirements and with Engineers who are certified Azure Cloud Architects. The requirements include:

General Program Requirements

Cloud Economics Program Requirements

Modern Workplace Program Requirements

Bit-Wizards also leverages the Microsoft Data Collection Team when they consult with customers for a CIVA engagement; this ensures that they capture the max quantity of client data possible for analysis.

What is the Cloud Economics Assessment?

Movere-Certified Cloud Infrastructure Engineers on the Bit-Wizards team; assess, map, and inventory the customer's current on-premises and cloud located infrastructure. The customer's inventory is then measured over time to gather analytics on usage. The goal of this assessment is to determine where to right-size the infrastructure and then create a strategy to accelerate the customer's move to the cloud cost-effectively.  

What is the Modern Workplace Assessment?

Many customers launch the use of tools like Microsoft Teams ineffectively, causing weak adoption within their Cloud Economics Assessmentorganization. Other customers are unaware of the tools they already own and can use within their Office 365 tenant. This assessment can help identify those opportunities to improve collaboration and productivity through more effective use of the Office 365 suite coupled with strategies for user adoption. Cloud Infrastructure engineers on the Bit-Wizards team use the Movere tool to evaluate the customer's workstations, users, and licenses. This assessment focuses on optimizing the productivity of the workplace, which can also include the physical space that the user inhabits during their workday. The goal of this assessment is to find ways to improve employee productivity and satisfaction, which in turn creates more seamless communication and collaboration across customer locations and platforms while maintaining security and integrity of systems and data.

What is Azure Migrate?

The Azure Migrate Assessment is the result of a successful Cloud Economics Assessment, which includes an in-depth plan of the recommendations to move a customer's right-sized infrastructure to the cloud.

A "lift-and-shift" move to the cloud creates a cloud infrastructure similar to the on-premises environment. This approach to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has several benefits and is often the first step for many Microsoft Azurecustomers. However, more significant benefits exist by moving to more advanced cloud technologies such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Serverless solutions. These options remove the need for activities like server maintenance, which allows IT teams to focus on more strategic initiatives. As part of the Azure Migrate Assessment, opportunities for this type of technology advancement are identified and help build a roadmap to the cloud. The goal of this assessment is to create a phased-approach roadmap for digital transformation that is manageable with minimal disruption to the business.

Bit-Wizards’ Successful Projects & Team

In 2019, the Bit-Wizards Cloud Infrastructure team led by Brian Ramsey, Director of Cloud Infrastructure, supported the development of several customers' digital transformation strategies by delivering Cloud Economics and Modern Workplace Assessments in partnership with Microsoft. These customers across multiple industries including Mitsubishi Canada Aerospace, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift AmericaMitsubishi Hitachi Power SystemsMitsubishi Pratt Whitney Power Systems, Mitsubishi Shared Services America, Heartland Steel ProductsNational Heritage AcademiesJacksonville University, SteinMart, BelkBeallsCrowley Maritime, and HD Supply Bluebook.

Bit-Wizards Cloud Infrastructure Team

Along with these assessments, Bit-Wizards works independently of Microsoft, with mid-market companies experiencing high growth, digital transformation, or an influx of private equity funding. They assess the state of the customer's networks and information technology infrastructure and perform software engineering assessments on custom applications and SaaS Applications. These companies are poised to grow quickly and require the support of a technology partner that can take an advisory role to assist in building out a cloud strategy that will support their growth needs for the long-term in a rapidly changing technology landscape. Additionally, Bit-Wizards is SSAE 18 SOC-1 Certified. This certification demonstrates to their customers that Bit-Wizards systems and processes have documented stringent controls and measures to ensure security and viability in performing our services.

As more companies realize their IT infrastructure and software must be agile to support the increasing pace of change in the market, they need reliable information on which to base their investment decisions. The Bit-Wizards CIVA Engagement is the perfect solution for gathering this information. And as these companies look to transform their businesses and remain agile to meet market demands by innovating and using technology as a strategic enabler, CIVA is a gateway for them also to begin to build strategic information technology roadmaps.

In 2020, Bit-Wizards kicks off five new CIVA engagements with forward-thinking companies. The increase in the demand for infrastructure assessments like these allows the Bit-Wizards' Cloud Infrastructure team to bring in additional team members and expand their service capabilities to partner with even more companies. 


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