Meet the Team

Vincent W. Mayfield

Chief Executive Officer

Louis J. Erickson Jr.

Chief Operations Officer

Stacye W. Davidson

Director of Business Operations

Tabitha R. Erickson

Director of Morale

Candace R. Mitchell

Director of Marketing

Jeffrey J. Mitchell

Director of Cloud Infrastructure

Alexandra Morrow

Director of Solution Consulting

Bryan J. Soltis

Director of Technology & Research

Michael T. Whalen

Director of Web Development

Mallory M. Whalen

Director of Human Resources

Steven J. Adams

Senior Web Developer

Joaquin P. Broadus

IT Specialist

Samuel O. Blowes

SharePoint Developer

JD Compton

Branding & Visual Specialist

Russell E. Davis

Lead Software Engineer

Ryder W. Diviney

Lead Software Engineer

Tom R. Emerson

Senior Solution Consultant

Christopher B. Duffy

Software Engineer

Christopher L. Erickson

Solution Consultant

Lisa M. Fuller

Web Developer

Kaitlyn E. Helton

Graphic Designer

John M. Jackson

Lead Software Engineer

Phillip R. Kirkland

Senior Software Engineer

Todd R. Ladner

Web Developer

Tyler R. Lesperance

Web Developer

Jeffery A. Roche

Windows Operator Consultant

Timothy D. Myers

Senior Solution Consultant

Stephen R. Nixon

Director of Legal

Matthew J. Parry-Hill

Senior Software Engineer

Dave J. Perkins

Senior Software Engineer

Patrick Taylor

Marketing Assistant

Randy S. Schumann

Cloud Architect

Tony V. Wright

Project Specialist

Audrey N. Simpson

Senior Project Manager

Keith C. Telle

Lead Software Engineer