Building an Email Marketing Strategy for Your Business

92% of internet users have one email account, according to the Digital Agency Network. As someone reading this blog on the internet, chances are that you, too, have an email account.  

In the past, we have discussed Content MarketingSocial Media Marketing, and Buyer Personas. Today, we are taking a deep dive into email marketing. 

Flyers and direct mail used to be some of the most effective ways to get information directly into someone’s hands. Email marketing is the modern-day equivalent because your marketing information shows up right in people’s inboxes. Additionally, because you need permission to use a person’s email address, you are given instant access to the people who like your product or who are interested in your service. 


What is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is the strategy of sending emails to leads and customers. Email marketing is more than a weekly or monthly newsletter and spans every email you send to your customers. From that first welcome or thank you to a follow up to ask for reviews, these are all part of your larger email strategy. 


Advantages of Email Marketing 

Email Converts Better 

The email conversion rates are much higher than they are on social media, and you have access to a broader audience since there are more people using email than social media. Optinmonster noted that 60% of consumers have made a purchase from an email.  

Own Your List 

Social media efforts and content marketing depend on algorithms that determine what comes first on a SERP (search engine results page) or social feed. When it comes to email marketing, you own the list. If one social platform represents all or most of your digital presence or advertising, you are taking a significant risk in not diversifying your strategy. On a social platform, you are at the hands of an ever-changing algorithm, and you risk that the platform could disappear entirely. With an email list, you can download the contacts and move them to any other email service to contact your community. 


Guess who does not need to send a follow up to every single customer? Oh, wait… you! With email marketing tools, you can build workflow and automation that send out emails based on actions and triggers you plan. This pre-planning allows you to take a step back and focus on your business’s other needs by setting-and-forgetting your email marketing strategy.  

How to Build an Email List 

There are some easy ways to build an email list, and you might even already have one you can upload to an email management system. Think about your customers—the people who have signed up for your services or have expressed interest in your company. Some simple ways to collect emails: 

  • Add a newsletter form or pop-up on your homepage 

  • Add a CTA on social media or in your blogs 

  • Create a lead magnet that offers free content in exchange for an email address 

  • Make a quiz 


Tools and Resources 

You have a lot of choices when it comes to email marketing and automation software options. Here are some of the most used options for small businesses: 





Get Response 



Email Marketing Tips 

Segmentation and Personalization 

Creating different email lists allows you to deliver specific information to a particular group of people. You can separate your email list into customers, leads, or people who opted into a download., which means you can send tailored messages and share relevant information, making it more likely to accomplish your email marketing goals. 

When someone signs up for your email list, you are likely also privy to their name or other information based on your form. Use this information to personalize your emails and increase your engagement.  

Make it Worthwhile 

If you are going to send an email, make it worthwhile. No one will open your third useless email of the day and sending too many emails with no real value will turn an audience away quickly. Remember that as easily as someone may have invited you into their inbox, they can hit that unsubscribe button just as quickly. 


Okay, if you have read any other blog that I have written, you already know this one. Consistency is KEY, no matter where you are showing up in your digital marketing strategy. Tim Ferris is well-known for his 5-Bullet Friday emails, and his subscribers expect that email to show up at the same time week after week. Good marketers are always consistent. 

Pay Attention to Analytics 

Decide what matters most to you when it comes to analytics. Do you want sales, traffic to your website, or for your list to open your email? HubSpot’s Email Marketing Stats list can help you understand your click rates and opens in a larger context. 

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