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Hiring Software Engineers

What to look for: Hiring software engineers that will help your company achieve long-term success.

Hiring the right software engineers for your company isn’t always an easy task, especially as demand skyrockets within this career field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developer employment is projected to grow 21% by 2028, which is faster than the average projected rate of growth for all occupations (5%).

The software engineering field is constantly growing and evolving, and therefore, so must your team

In order to succeed, the software engineers you hire not only need a solid technical foundation, but the interpersonal skills and drive for growth to match. Of course, you need to look for software engineers who are expert coders with strong analytical and troubleshooting skills, but the desire to master new technologies and provide innovative solutions is equally important.

At Bit-Wizards, we look for software engineers who view problems as opportunities, find satisfaction in completing the details, and feel pride with the completion of a task that they “owned” from start to finish. Our Director of Software Engineering lists these 6 qualities as “musts” when hiring your next software engineering employee:

  1. The desire and ability for continued learning
  2. A passion for the art of programming
  3. Understanding of the value of DevOps and SE processes
  4. Skilled in the use of Google (or other search platforms)
  5. Able to collaborate well in a team environment
  6. Willingness to ask for help or guidance when needed

“Intelligence and knowledge can exist independently,” says Director of Software Engineering, Jason Graves. “You can be extremely intelligent but not have knowledge. You can only gain knowledge when you can admit there is an absence of it.”

Software engineering employees must be life-long learners

If you don’t hire with these criteria in mind, you might end up with a software engineering employee that is more focused on being “the smartest person in the room” or “better than everyone else at their job,” rather than the goals your company has set out to achieve.

The software engineering team at Bit-Wizards was hired specifically with these attributes in mind. All our Wizards are not only dedicated to their craft, but to teamwork and personal growth. Meet our top-notch team today.


Simone Hines, Content Team Lead
Simone E. Hines

Content Team Lead