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Bringing the Magic to Our Clients

The magic behind an exceptional managed services provider (MSP) comes from dedicated talent, like the Managed IT Services team at Bit-Wizards.

It's that time of year when there seems to be a little magic in the air, and most of us wish that magic could last the whole year. Well, for our Managed IT Services clients, it does! They get a little bit of that magic every time they engage with our Wizards, and you and your employees can too.

So, you may be wondering, what’s the secret to a top-notch managed services provider (MSP)? And what makes the team at Bit-Wizards so magical? While our clients think we are probably practicing a little voodoo in the back, the truth is, it’s purely dedicated talent.

Wait, what?!?! You mean Bit-Wizards doesn't do magic?

You see, the Wizards at Bit-Wizards are magical because their level of service tends to leave our clients spellbound. It is our unwavering dedication to an exceptional experience from start to finish that sets us apart. We start every interaction with our clients and potential clients with that in mind. At Bit-Wizards, we have a set of core values at the center of everything we do, which is what makes our Managed IT Services team so magical. The core values are as follows:

Ownership Thinking

  • Wizards take ownership and then drive. We collectively own the outcome as an individual and as a team. We succeed together.
  • Wizards understand that they wear many hats. Sales, marketing, delivery, individual, team member, and support. No task is beneath anyone.
  • Wizards know that following through with action and taking the extra step breeds trust.
  • Wizards understand that consistency and attention to detail while keeping the big picture in mind are keys to success.

Trusted Advisor

  • Wizards understand that our business is based on the transfer of trust. We own failures and share successes.
  • Wizards are experts who exude confidence. If we don't know an answer, we know where to find it.
  • Wizards actively listen and understand the customer’s business challenges and definition of success.
  • Wizards ask intelligent, probing questions with at least three levels of "Why."
  • Wizards think two or three steps ahead of our customers so we can deliver value before the customer knows they need it.

Make It So!

  • Wizards quickly size up any situation or issue, visualize the successful outcome, and make it happen!
  • Wizards focus on positive outcomes and success. Negativity and skepticism is not our creed. Wizards go where others dare not go.
  • Wizards know that it’s not magic, it's dedicated talent that creates success.
  • Every Wizard is a hero. We rise to the challenge.
  • Wizards have a "can do" attitude. We believe all things are possible with the right attitude, resources, hard work, and dedication.

Lifelong Learner

  • Wizards are lifelong learners, continuously reinventing themselves. We know that personal and professional growth are the keys to success.
  • Wizards thrive on continuous improvement in technology, consulting, and relationships.
  • Wizards do not fear the unknown. We project confidence, embrace it, learn just in time, make it, and enlighten others.
  • Wizards transfer knowledge through help and mentorship, which produce exponential benefits.
  • Wizards know that knowledge is empowerment.

Live the Wizard Life

  • Wizards are engaged and passionate about what we do. We are vested in success, and we celebrate greatness.
  • Wizards are family. We treat everyone like family: team, customers, vendors, community, and partners.
  • Wizards have a service mentality. Internal and external. It is a way of life.
  • Wizards know that the customer is why we exist. Take care of the customer or someone else will. Customer service is not a department; it is an attitude.
  • You are Bit-Wizards, Bit-Wizards is you. Wizards sink or swim based on the effort, dedication, pride, and professionalism of the people who work here.

Be the Magic

  • The Magic is everything that makes up our brand equity. From initial contact to customer support. Our brand equity is our most valuable asset.
  • Wizards know first impressions are everything. It’s the first impression that will open the door or close it.
  • Wizards must "wow" our customers forever. The sum of all experiences with Bit-Wizards creates The Magic.
  • Wizards know that technology solutions are a balance: Time, money, and features combined with teamwork, dedication hard work, and a little Wizard magic.
  • Wizards are not just dedicated; we are committed to bringing The Magic to everyone we encounter.

So, is that magic? To us, yes. To our managed services clients, yes. To Gandalf the Grey, well, he might question our methods (but what does he know, he's imaginary and doesn't even own a computer). Yes, Bit-Wizards produces magic through dedicated talent, and until we can figure out how to turn lead into gold, we'll keep focusing on providing a magical IT experience.

How do you create the magic of an exceptional experience, then?

A true magician never reveals his secrets, but what we can tell you is that the magic starts with listening to our clients. That is the base component of our potion to create exceptional managed services.

Bit-Wizards is in the business of solving IT issues as quickly as possible while reducing the impact on your ability to run your business. Ingredients in our magical brew include researching the best solutions for our clients, installing the right software and hardware, securing networks and workstations, and just a pinch of personality (or a handful, depending on which Wizard you speak with).

Our Managed IT Wizards also stay up-to-date with the latest certifications and they’re well-versed in a variety of technologies, software, and hardware. This allows our team to provide custom solutions based on the individual needs of our clients. That’s the magic behind good business.

Ok, how do I get my business in on the magic?

Do you want to believe in a magical IT experience? Do you wish that you and your employees didn't dread the call to IT? Do you even have IT for your business? Getting in on the magic of Bit-Wizards isn't as hard as you think. We'll take the time to listen to your goals and challenges, then develop a plan to reach those goals and conquer your challenges, all with a bit of magical fairy dust (if I can remember where I put that pixie).

So, if you're craving a magical IT experience year-round, then it's time to talk to the Wizards!


Jason Monroe, Associate Director, Solution Development
Jason M. Monroe

Director of Solution Consulting