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Bringing the Magic to Our Clients

How the Bit-Wizards core values help us create magic for our Managed IT Services (MITS) clients.

Magic can seem like a childish concept that businesses avoid at all costs. At Bit-Wizards, however, magic is the trade secret that enables us to provide our clients with excellent Managed IT Services (MITS). Our team members dedicate themselves to fulfilling the role of a Wizard by embodying the company spirit and delivering magical IT solutions. On its own, the idea of Wizards making magic seems effortless and natural on paper. In reality, the magic of Bit-Wizards is crafted intentionally and carefully to make an excellent environment for Wizards and provide exceptional services to our clients.

How does the team at Bit-Wizards make magic?

While you may think it appears out of thin air or is limited to fairytales, the Bit-Wizards magic our clients know and love is carefully crafted through our team's commitment to the company's core values. Comprised of six pillars created by co-founders Vincent Mayfield and Louis Erickson, each contributes to the Wizard mission of delighting and assisting clients throughout our relationships.

What are the Bit-Wizards core values?

Pulling life lessons from their most meaningful personal and professional experiences, Mayfield and Erickson crafted these six core values to guide the team at Bit-Wizards.

1. Ownership Thinking

  • Wizards take ownership and then drive projects. They collectively own outcomes as individuals and as a team. Wizards succeed together.
  • Wizards understand they wear many hats: Sales, marketing, delivery, personal, team member, and support. No task is beneath anyone.
  • Wizards know that following through with action and taking the extra step breeds trust.
  • Wizards understand that consistency and attention to detail while keeping the big picture in mind are keys to success.

2. Trusted Advisor

  • Wizards understand that our business is based on the transfer of trust. We own failures and share success.
  • Wizards are experts who exude confidence. If they don't know the answer, they know where to find it.
  • Wizards actively listen and understand the customer's business challenges and definition of success.
  • Wizards ask intelligent probing questions with at least three levels of "why."
  • Wizards think two or three steps ahead of our customers so they can deliver value before the customer knows they need it.

3. Make It So!

  • Wizards have a "can do" attitude. We believe all things are possible with the right attitude, resources, hard work, and dedication.
  • Wizards quickly size up any situation or issue. They visualize the successful outcome, and make it happen!
  • Wizards focus on positive outcomes and success. Negativity and skepticism are not part of our creed. Wizards go where others dare not go.
  • Wizards know that it's not magic, but dedicated talent that creates success.
  • Every Wizard is a hero, they rise to any challenge.


4. Lifelong Learner

  • Wizards are life-long learners, continuously reinventing themselves. They know that personal and professional growth are the keys to success.
  • Wizards thrive on continuous improvement in technology, consulting, and relationships.
  • Wizards do not fear the unknown. They project confidence, embrace change, learn just in time, create, and enlighten others.
  • Wizards transfer knowledge through help and mentorship producing exponential benefits for others.
  • Wizards know that knowledge is empowerment.

5. Live the Wizard Life

  • Wizards are engaged and passionate about what they do and are vested in success. Wizards celebrate greatness.
  • Wizards treat everyone like family: Team members, customers, vendors, community, and partners.
  • Wizards have a service mentality when at work or in the community; it is a way of life.
  • Wizards know that the customer is why we exist. Take care of the customer, or someone else will. Customer service is not a department, it's an attitude.
  • Wizards know that together, we make up Bit-Wizards. We sink or swim based on the effort, dedication, pride, and professionalism of each person.

6. Be the Magic

  • The magic is everything that makes up our brand equity. From initial contact to customer support, our brand equity is our most valuable asset.
  • Wizards know that first impressions are everything. It's the first impression that will open the door or close it.
  • Wizards must wow our customers forever. The sum of all experiences with Bit-Wizards is what creates lasting magic.
  • Wizards know that solutions are a balance: Time, money, and features combined with teamwork, dedication, hard work, and a little Wizard magic.
  • Wizards are not just dedicated, they are committed to bringing our magic to everyone they encounter.

In essence, Wizards create magic through dedicated talent and adherence to these core values. With our thorough efforts, our team leaves clients spellbound throughout their exceptional experience, making what we believe is magic for our Wizards and clients. Of course, it isn't like the magic of fantasy worlds, but that makes the Bit-Wizards magic even better—it's a genuine feeling people experience because of our unwavering devotion to sharing our magic with everyone we encounter.


Why does magic matter for managed IT?

In the realm of managed service providers (MSPs), the stereotype of IT personnel resembling staunch technology inhibitors exists for a reason. IT concepts can be challenging to understand, especially for business owners who need to master them at a level that supports their company, and working with an unsupportive MSP that doesn't understand your needs can sometimes feel like going against a current to reach solutions.

Bit-Wizards specializes in solving IT issues and ensuring each client can use technology as a strategic enabler by crafting unique solutions for your company's needs. From researching the best solutions for our clients to outfitting the proper hardware and software during on-site visits, our Wizards go above and beyond to provide a magical managed IT experience.

Above all else, our Wizards take the time to listen to our clients, understand their circumstances, and do what it takes to help them succeed. Our team strives to stay up-to-date with the latest certifications and is well-versed in various technologies, software, and hardware, so no solution is executed with a one-size-fits-all approach. Each member's commitment to being a lifelong learner allows our team to provide custom solutions based on the individual needs of our clients. That's the magic behind our business–our empathy, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence.

Even if you think it's far-fetched, getting in on the benefits of the Bit-Wizards magic is much easier than you think. By partnering with our MITS team, your business gains a partnership built on the commitment to helping you succeed. Our Wizards take the time to listen to your goals and challenges, develop a plan to reach those goals, and conquer your challenges.

Ready to start the journey to magical managed IT with a human touch? It's time to talk to the Wizards!


Wiz E. Wig, Mascot & Director of Magic
Wiz E. Wig

Director of Magic