I Want to Hire an IT Professional for My Business; What Now?

The process of recruiting and hiring an IT employee for your business, from setting a budget to making an offer.

Congratulations on deciding to hire a new IT professional for your business. This must mean that your business has grown to the point that you need to hire a dedicated employee to focus solely on your IT tasks. During the hiring process, you will need to think about quite a few things, and if you’re not the most technologically savvy individual (no offense, you could be a great lawyer, business owner, or doctor, though), you might be wondering where to begin. To help with that, let’s walk through the process of hiring the right IT professional for your business:


What's your budget? 

The most obvious starting point is deciding how much you're willing to pay a new IT employee, but sometimes this is the last thing a business thinks about until they have found the IT person they want to hire. Then they get 'sticker shock.' The good news is there's help out there on the internet, and a great place to look is www.salary.com. Assuming you need a starting IT position, let's pick an Information Technology Generalist. The median salary range for this position is $74,159. Now that you have the salary information you need, it's time to crunch the numbers and determine if the finance piece will work for your company, but let's assume that adding this position is budgeted.


Where to look?


This task is a little more complicated because there are many different ways and places to post a job online when hiring for any position. You want to ensure that suitable candidates are looking at your job posting. While I can't suggest one job site over another, I highly recommend that you diversify your efforts to post your job opening. I also suggest that you reach out to any local technical colleges, community colleges, or universities to help you recruit.

You may be wondering why I would suggest that you reach out to your local educational institutions. The short answer is that depending on where you are located in the country, salary ranges and cost of living expenses vary widely. If you find someone local who grew up in your business area, chances are that part of their decision-making process for selecting a new job will include staying close to their family and friends, so money won't be the driving force.

Anyway, back to the task at hand, posting your job. Once you've decided where to post your opening, get the job description posted... Oh, darn it!! The job description!! WE FORGOT TO WRITE IT.

Well, let's write the job description now.


Assuming that you're not an IT guru, you will need some assistance writing your job description. You can't just put out a job listing that says, 'I need an IT professional', or you will end up with hundreds of bad applicants. You could always search the internet for a job description, which is not a bad idea, and then adjust the description to fit your business needs. You could also take a stab at writing the description yourself. For the sake of efficiency, I would suggest that you find a job description online and modify it/write it to reflect your specific business needs. Just don't let your high school English teacher know that you're plagiarizing (just kidding, I don't think those rules exist here, make sure your bibliography is updated though, lol) 

Alright, you've got the job description created, and you find that you're looking for: 

  • IT Generalist
  • 4 years of experience and a B.S. Degree in IT or 10 years of experience with A+ Certification
  • Experience with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure (or AWS cloud)
  • Network security experience
  • Workstation Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Server Management

Cool! Now, post it and wait for the applicants to start rolling in.


Look at that, you've got some interviews to do!


The preferred outcome from posting any job online is getting a list of qualified candidates, and boy, oh boy, you sure have a list. After just a week of the posting going live, you've amassed over 50 IT candidates. Now it's time to start sifting through the resumes and narrowing down potential interviewees.  

I'm not going to go into the interview process too deeply because, as a business owner, you likely know how it works. So, we're going to fast-forward to the candidate you've decided to hire. Your favorite candidate has all the qualifications you seek, and you're excited to get the offer letter out. Even better, since your selection for the job is such a superstar, you've decided to offer the candidate $6,000 more than the median salary for your area. Offer letter sent. Counteroffer received at $95,000, which is $15,000 more than you expected to pay.

Frustrated, you counter at $83,500. The candidate counters again at $90,000, and it's their final offer. How could this happen?!?! You did everything right and even discussed salary during the interview process. Why is the candidate now changing the rules? There could be several reasons that the salary requirements changed, but if I had to guess, I would bet that you were not the only business the candidate was speaking with, and they got a better competing offer. Either way, you're forced to go to your second candidate, if you have one, or you’re starting the process all over again.

Hold on there! Why is a Bit-Wizard trying to help me hire an IT professional? Don't you want me to select your Managed IT Services?


Hmm, you saw through that. I wasn't trying to trick you or pull a fast one. I am sharing an experience that I have seen many times before. I have seen companies decide that it's time to go out and hire their own IT professional, only to become frustrated and waste weeks or even months trying to find the right person. Sometimes the business does find an IT professional, and it works out, but more often than not, they don't find someone within their budget.

In short, if you do decide to hire an IT professional and you don’t have any technical skills, Bit-Wizards can help you qualify candidates (yes, we do that too). We will gladly consult with you and your business to help you find the best path forward and give you honest opinions on how to move forward. Yes, we do have a significant interest in you subscribing to our Managed IT Services, but we'd rather help you gather the information to make that decision on your own. Our goal is to assist you in making the best decision for your business, not our business.

As trusted advisors, we value our relationships with each one of our clients and prospective clients. Sometimes that means the best decision for your business is high-fiving one of our Wizards and moving on to other options, and we'll cheer you on. Whether it's finding the right IT professional or a Managed IT Service that fits your business, Bit-Wizards is always here to cast an illumination spell (aka, light your way).


Jason Monroe, Associate Director, Solution Development
Jason M. Monroe

Director of Solution Consulting

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