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Wiz E. Wig, Mascot & Director of Magic

Wiz E. Wig

Director of Magic

While he may not have attended any famous wizarding schools, Wiz E. Wig (or Wizzy, as he likes to be called) is the best wizard you’ll ever meet. He’s a pretty cool guy who knows a lot about technology, but the thing that everyone loves most about Wizzy is that—just like Bit-Wizards—what you see is what you get. No tricks up his sleeves, just a talented, hard-working guy who makes writing software look like magic!


Most wizards have been around for a long time, many of them for centuries, and you might be surprised at Wizzy’s long history. He’s been the official mascot of Bit-Wizards since 2010, but his influence in the world of computing goes back a lot further than that. As you’ll see from some of the snapshots he let us use, he’s been a key figure in many of the major technological breakthroughs that we all take for granted; from installing some of the 17,000+ vacuum tubes on the original ENIAC computer back in 1946… to helping a couple of young guys in the 70’s get started with a little company you might know as “Microsoft”… to showing the original Macintosh team the benefits of a graphical user interface… to helping spark the home gaming console revolution… to helping with the world-wide launches of Windows and the iMac.


You see, being a wizard isn’t all cauldrons and potions and broomsticks. Sometimes you just need someone who can conjure up a custom solution for your specific business needs. And you need someone who can deliver that solution without a bunch of hocus-pocus.


That someone is Wizzy. The software solutions he can pull out of his hat will have you up and running in no time. Need a custom application specific for your industry? Just call Wizzy! Need a powerful web presence with built-in marketing and ecommerce? Wizzy’s your man. Need an IT Professional who can keep your business running smoothly and efficiently without having to worry about the network going down or losing email? Look no further than Wizzy.


He may not look like much, but we know from experience; once you get Wiz E. Wig on your team, life gets a whole lot better!





  • Cauldrons and network integration
  • Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Spell development
  • Cloud computing with and without a wand
  • Merging mobile apps with custom potions