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Cloud I.T. Brings Peace of Mind for Retail Company

Project Summary and Client Background

Kitchen and Bath initially engaged Bit-Wizards to get their network running smoothly and with consistent connectivity. They were experiencing slow internet connectivity and many inefficiencies in the speed at which they could do business because their ISP (Internet Service Provider) was not delivering the service that Kitchen and Bath expected and was contracted to receive. Due to the new partnership with Bit-Wizards they ended up drastically improving their customer service.


The Challenge

When Bit-Wizards met with and explored the Kitchen and Bath network, a few issues were found and quickly resolved with some minor changes and upgrades. The initial goal was to start at the ground-level and begun fixing problems one at a time until the network was stable and Kitchen and Bath employees were able to be efficient in serving their customers.

The first issue uncovered by the BWIT team was that the ISP or internet service provider for Kitchen and Bath wasn’t providing the level of service that they agreed to provide.

 bitwizards working with kitchen and bath

The next concern of the BWIT team was that the Kitchen and Bath team was using the consumer-grade equipment.  However, to properly support their daily operations, they needed to invest in business-class IT equipment for all their locations.
There was also the issue of dis-similar software within the company. There were workstations that were running different versions of the Windows Operating System and also several versions of Microsoft Office. This was causing issues with file sharing across the company. This seemingly small difference was affecting the efficiency and final work-product across Kitchen and Bath’s five locations.

kitchen and bath employee working

The Solution

One-by-one the Bit-Wizards team resolved Kitchen and Bath's various IT problems. To begin, Bit-Wizards was able to be the intermediary between Kitchen and Bath and the ISP to gain the level of internet service that they were contracted to receive.

granite slabs at kitchen and bath manufacturing plant
Bit-Wizards also found the correct business-class equipment required by and then began putting in place a path for upgrading the entire company to Windows 10 and a single version Microsoft Office.
Another work inefficiency uncovered by Bit-Wizards while working on these various other issues was the need a proper and reliable way to share and store documents company-wide. Microsoft SharePoint proved to be the was the best solution for that, so Bit-Wizards installed and configured SharePoint instance that would serve as the main document management tool for the entire Kitchen and Bath company.

kitchen and bath showroom

The Result

Due to the on-going nature of their relationship with Bit-Wizards, Kitchen and Bath has a stable, reliable and highly integrated IT solution that is constantly managed and monitored by the Bit-Wizards team. If there is a threat that some aspect of their network or hardware is vulnerable or in jeopardy of failing, Bit-Wizards quickly and pro-actively contacts the Kitchen and Bath employees to preemptively find a solution before a problem even occurs.
kitchen and bath manufacturing plant

This pro-active IT Business Management keeps the entire company in contact with each other and consistently delivering successful projects to their customers. Which is the beauty of a managed IT service operating from a business point-of-view, instead of an IT point-of-view. The goal of Bit-Wizards managed IT service is to offer IT Business management from a holistic view.
Client Name: Kitchen & Bath Center
Year: 2015
Industry: Home Improvement
Established in 1987, Kitchen and Bath Center is locally owned and operated in the Florida Panhandle. From design to installation Kitchen and Bath handles all aspects of your renovation or custom Kitchen and Bathroom needs.
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