Is Anti-Virus Software Enough?

Many business owners think that purchasing an off-the-shelf anti-virus software is plenty of protection for their network. However, using an anti-virus is only one level of security.

How does anti-virus software work?

There are two main types of Anti-Virus protection available to businesses. You've probably purchased the first kind—retail software—from a big box store, or online. But do you know how it keeps your computer safe?
Anti-virus protection is a passive approach for fending off viruses and malware. In other words, this Anti-Virus software has a library of known viruses, and when the program scans your PC, it checks for any of those viruses. If it finds a virus, the program quarantines the infected files and sometimes provides you with a path to remove the virus. Unfortunately, this approach only works after a virus has already infected your PC. There is no telling what kind of problems the virus has caused between initial infection and the time it is discovered and removed.

What works better than anti-virus software alone?

It doesn't matter what size business you have; it needs more than simply an anti-virus software on their computers. Hiring a managed IT services provider like Bit-Wizards improves the security of your network significantly.
Managed IT services providers usually use a variety of enterprise-class tools to protect your computer and network. And the first line of defense is your email. Many managed service providers use tools that specifically protect and scan email. We use Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which scans your emails before they ever reach your computer. To go one step further, excellent managed IT service providers install a hardware network device that protects your network from intrusion. Lastly, the final barrier applied is an enterprise-grade anti-virus installed on each workstation that continuously monitors all data for virus activity.
You can see that anti-virus alone is not enough protection for your business these days. Managed IT service providers help to make it extremely difficult for external threats and viruses to penetrate your network or PC. If you want to explore a managed IT service for your business, click here to learn more.

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Jason Monroe, Associate Director, Solution Development
Jason M. Monroe

Associate Director, Solution Development

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