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Is Anti-Virus Software Enough?

Many business owners think that purchasing an off-the-shelf anti-virus software is plenty of protection for their network. However, using an anti-virus software only offers one level of security to businesses.



Anti-virus protection is a passive approach to fending off viruses and malware 

In other words, anti-virus software has a library of known viruses, and when the program scans your PC, it checks for those viruses. If it finds a virus, the program quarantines the infected files and sometimes provides you with a path to remove the virus.  

Unfortunately, this approach only works after a virus has already infected your PC. There is no telling what kind of problems the virus has already caused between initial infection and the time it is discovered and removed.



So, how can you take an active approach to fending off viruses and malware?

It doesn't matter what size business you have; you simply need more than an anti-virus software to protect your business network. Hiring a managed IT services provider, like Bit-Wizards, can significantly improve the security of your network.

Managed IT services providers typically use a variety of enterprise-grade equipment (products and tools that integrate into your business infrastructure seamlessly) to protect your computers and network. The first line of defense is your email. Many managed service providers use tools that specifically protect and scan email. At Bit-Wizards, we use Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which scans your emails before they ever reach your computer.

To go one step further, excellent managed IT service providers install a hardware network device that protects your network from intrusion. Fortinet FortiGate firewalls, Ubiquiti Unifi switches, and access points are excellent options for business hardware. The final barrier applied is an enterprise-grade anti-virus installed on each workstation that continuously monitors all data for virus activity.

A top-notch managed service provider will also make employee education a priority. Skilled IT professionals should be able to share best practices and valuable techniques with your employees, so they can become another source of protection for your business network.

Why do you need to take an active approach to fending off viruses and malware?

These days, viruses, malicious software, and cybercriminals are far more advanced and plentiful, so businesses must actively protect their network from threats at all times. Anti-virus software is a must, but it takes more than that to cover all your bases.  

At Bit-Wizards, our Managed IT Services provides robust security with layers of protection and recovery options if a breach ever does occur. Our security features include enterprise-grade firewalls, virus protection, advanced threat protection for email, alert monitoring, personal training, regular backups, and cloud-based disaster recovery restoration. Contact us today to get started with a Network Security Assessment for your business.


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