Bit-Bowl 2012 Evens Series with a Blow-Out


Bit-Bowl 2012 Evens Series with a Blow-Out

The weeks leading up to the 2012 Bit-Bowl, Bit-Wizards' annual flag-football game, were filled with constant smack-talk rhetoric from the Gold Team. Led and encouraged by Bit-Wizards' COO, Louis Erickson, members of the Gold Team joined in at each staff meeting, crowing on and on with arrogant confidence drawing only yawns and indifference from the Blue Team, led by CEO Vince Mayfield.

So cocky and confident were the Gold Team, a video in which intimidation was the objective but comedy was the result.

On the morning of February 4th, 2012, the Gold and Blue teams gathered along with friends and family at Jet Stadium in Fort Walton Beach. It was a beautiful morning, a far cry from the previous year's 40 degree temperatures. As the teams warmed up, the taunting from the Gold Team continued as it would through half-time.
The Blue Team won the coin toss and began an offensive drive that would result in the first score of the game. After missing the point after attempt, the Blue Team began working the defensive side of the ball. After attempts from both teams to score, the Blue Team's quarterback Dave Perkins connected with wide receiver Phillip Kirkland for a 30-yard gain that set up a touchdown two plays later. It would be the only time the Gold Team would score.

At the end of the first half with the score all knotted at 6 points each, it looked as if this could be a tight game. But the Blue Team would go on to shut down every Gold offensive drive -- allowing them to cross mid-field just once. Five second-half interceptions helped add 38 more points for the Blue Team before the game was finished.

The once vocal Gold Team stood defeated, humiliated, and silent.

After a water break, everyone gathered for team photos before heading over to Buffalo Wild Wings for the after-game lunch and copious amounts of beer. Before the food arrived, Louis called everyone’s attention to the center of the long, assembled assortment of tables where he and Vince stood. Holding the Bit-Bowl trophy high in the air, Louis congratulated the Blue Team on their win before begrudgingly handing it over to Vince.

The Gold Team was pretty subdued at the Monday morning staff meeting that followed. That was until the team’s captain, apparently unfazed by the smack-down his players had endured just a couple of days earlier, began the smack-talk anew, louder than ever before.



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