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Bit-Wizards Recognized as a Kentico Solution Partner of Excellence

As 2015 winds down, Bit-Wizards received a thoughtful package from Petr Palas, CEO of Kentico Software, and the Kentico team. The contents of the box contained a crystal award and a signed note recognizing Bit-Wizards, a Kentico Gold Partner, for our Kentico CMS development expertise.  Petr also recognized Bit-Wizards for our excellence and experience as a Kentico Solutions Partner.

Our journey to becoming one of the top Kentico Partners in the World started 11 years ago. It all began in 2004 at a Microsoft .NET Code Camp in Montgomery, Alabama. From 2000 to 2004, Bit-Wizards used many custom an off-the-shelf commercial Web Content Management Systems (WCMS). Some of these WMCSs included: WordPress, Ektron, Drupal, DotNetNuke (DNN), SharePoint, and ADX Studio. At this time we were searching for an off-the-shelf commercial WCMS to use company-wide, and it had to be a reusable framework that empowered both developers and end users. At that code camp Nancy Pluznyk, a Senior Software Engineer at Bit-Wizards, won a free copy of Kentico CMS v1.0.

Kentico enabled us to dive right in using our deep experience with Microsoft application development. Starting out, we used Kentico to develop a new Bit-Wizards website. We found Kentico to be a formidable and flexible platform.  It was far superior to other platforms we had used. As a result of that experience, we used Kentico to build the National Museum of Naval Aviation website.

We quickly built out a Kentico practice making Kentico CMS our standard WCMS platform. After we had kentico partner of excellence awardseveral Kentico projects under our belt, we became a Kentico Partner. With Kentico CMS growing in popularity from 2004 – 2009, Bit-Wizards became a leader in the Kentico community, and we became recognized as one of a very few go-to partners in the World. Our team attended the first Kentico Connections Conference in Prague in 2009. And since then, Bit-Wizards has attended every Kentico Connection Conference from 2009-2015, and we have been speakers at or sponsored many of these Kentico Connection Events. Bryan Soltis, who was our Director of Technology and Research, became the first Kentico MVP in the United States. He was also one of only three MVPs in the world until hired by Kentico in 2014.

In 2010, Bit-Wizards helped Kentico enable their platform for Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform. And that same year, Bit-Wizards deployed the first Kentico E-Commerce implementation to Windows Azure: Postage Ink. We were also the first partner to earn the Kentico Azure Certification. Bit-Wizards continues to implement the Kentico Azure website development platform we helped build for many of our web content management projects.

Bit-Wizards has won several Kentico Site of the Year awards, including:
  • Best Cloud Deployment in 2011 for Florida’s Great Northwest
  • Best Cloud Deployment in 2012 for Mapex MyDentity
  • Best Cloud Deployment in 2014 for IMG Models
  • Best Intranet Deployment in 2011 for IMG Worldwide

Our partnership with Kentico is strong. We assume a leadership role in the partner community and want to ensure our mutual customers have a strong product and partner community in Kentico. The Bit-Wizards team deeply values and appreciates the partnership we have with Kentico spanning the last 11 years. And we are honored to be recognized Petr Palas and the Kentico Team. As a leading Kentico Solutions Partner, we look forward to many future implementations using the Kentico platform.


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