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Anheuser-Busch Partners with Bit-Wizards

Bit-Wizards is excited to announce that Anheuser-Busch, one of America’s most iconic companies and the undisputed leader of the US beer industry, has chosen us as their trusted technology partner. Anheuser-Busch needed a trusted technology partner to help them execute a unique project to create customer engagement with their brand. They chose Bit-Wizards for our long and proven history of expertise across mobile app development, IoT, and Microsoft Azure, using agile development practices.

Projects Planned for Development

Stella Artois Chalice Kiosk Project

For the first project, Bit-Wizards partners with RN Engineering to build an integrated software and hardware marketing and entertainment customer experience kiosk.
RN Engineering will acquire and configure the hardware and build the kiosks. Bit-Wizards will architect and develop the software that makes the kiosk experience functional and engaging for customers.
The project will consist of a custom software and hardware solution that uses laser engraving and 3D controllers to engrave a Stella Artois chalice with user input text, stamps, and logoed wraps. For the IoT kiosk, Bit-Wizards will develop a native .NET application that runs on Windows IoT Core on a Raspberry PI and integrates with a Smoothie Board and multiple pieces of hardware, including a laser to perform the engraving.

Stella Artois Chalice Kiosk Content Management Portal Project

The next project stems from the need to manage content and updates for the Stella Artois chalice engraver kiosks. Anheuser-Busch requires the ability to upload new stamp and wrap options and promotional videos that will be sent out to a global network of kiosks.
The portal will also allow updates to the chalice engraver firmware and application, which will also be distributed globally and managed from a central location. Anheuser-Busch administrators will also manage user access to the portal using role-based membership and upload lists of negative words and phrases that they do not want users to engrave.
For this project, Bit-Wizards will use .NET Core with Angular and host it in Microsoft Azure.


Wholesale Rep Field Promotions Mobile App Project

Bit-Wizards will build iOS and Android mobile apps to allow Anheuser-Busch wholesale field representatives to verify that the correct promotional materials and beer mandates are in place at each customer site that they manage. The apps will help reps quickly ensure campaign consistency and accurate marketing and product visibility for each location. 
In addition to the mobile apps, Bit-Wizards will build a custom data entry portal where Anheuser-Busch administrative users can manage the data for the apps. Data will be updated in bulk by uploading CSV files or entered individually directly via the portal.
For the iOS and Android applications, Bit-Wizards will use Xamarin Forms. For the data entry portal, they choose .NET Core and Angular and also hosted it in Microsoft Azure.
Bit-Wizards is a long-time Microsoft partner and the first Microsoft Azure partner in the Southeast US. Bit-Wizards continually choose the Microsoft cloud platform for its global scale, consistency, and seamless integration with on-premises environments. Several case studies featuring these projects and more are coming soon.
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