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The Importance of Project Management in Software Development

Project management is important to keep your software development project on time, in scope, and within budget.

Custom solution development projects can be VERY complex. It can be a serious challenge to deliver the project on time, in scope, and within the budget. This is where the project manager (PM) comes in. 

Some clients don’t want to pay for project management time 

Clients may have their own project manager and expect to rely on that PM to keep things on track, even for the software development team. This is a recipe for failure. Some people see a PM as an admin who schedules meetings, sends emails and meeting notes, and orders lunch if the team must work over. It is so much more complicated than that!  

On even the simplest projects, the software development team is probably larger than you might expect. The project will start with the account manager and once a contract is signed, there will often be UI/UX designers, content developers, front-end developers, engineers, quality assurance (QA), and sometimes others involved in the process as well. Add in client communication, status/budget reporting and asset management, and project management ends up being much more than an administrative position. 

Software development projects rarely move in a straight line 

Different parts of the project are often worked on in parallel. The PM is responsible for managing the various streams of work throughout each phase of the project, facilitating clear and consistent communication, eliminating roadblocks, and making sure client expectations are met. Learn more about each software development project phase here.  

The project manager will also look ahead to see what is coming up to make sure the pieces are in place in advance of the next stage of work. Along the way, the PM manages risk, figures out how to deal with changes, and keeps the client informed of any concerns or upcoming deadlines they might have. 

The PM is like the center of a wheel and the team members are the spokes that come to the middle 

When executed properly, the project manager should be the source of truth for priorities, scope, timing, and budget for the client’s software development project. The PM is also responsible for making sure the team is keeping the work within those boundaries and the client is kept informed. Without the project manager to guide the process, it is difficult to envision how projects could be completed with any level of success.

If your business is interested in a custom solution development project, Bit-Wizards can help. We have an expert-level software engineering team, which includes top-notch project management services. If your organization is ready to get started, get in touch.  


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