windows applications

Trends in Mobility and Windows 8 Applications Lead Topics at 2012 iTen Wired Summit

Beginning with the first conference in 2008, the annual iTen Wired Summit has centered around technology-driven entrepreneurship with a focus on bringing people and ideas together.

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Soltis Recipes Included in Kentico Cookbook

Cookbook recipes typically include ingredients like salt, oil, and maybe flour. Not this one. Kentico’s chief evangelist, Thom Robbins put together this cookbook with solutions to problems developers might encounter building websites with Ke...

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microsoft wpc

A New Era Together - WPC 2012

Each year thousands upon thousands of Microsoft Partner Companies descend upon one lucky city for the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. This year that lucky city was Toronto! With passports and luggage in hand the Microsoft Partners o...

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potluck at bit-wizards

Potluck-o-licious at Bit-Wizards!

What is a Potluck-o-licious you ask? It is fairly simple; it's what happens when Bit-Wizards has a potluck! For our inaugural Potluck-o-licious, we invited all the team and their families to bring a dish for lunch on August 27th. And in typica...

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fireworks and fun

Three Hour Tour with Teklinks Include Fireworks and Fun

Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, not of a fateful trip, but a one filled with great food, friends, and fireworks.

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