Getting Started with Our Managed IT Services

From the moment you decide Bit-Wizards is your choice for Managed IT Services (MITS), until the day some IT issue needs fixing, we want you to have the best possible experience with us. Below is a step-by-step guide of how we onboard your company into MITS. Our team of IT Pros are with you every step of the way.

Onboarding Step 1

Meet & Greet

  • We bring our smiley wizard faces to visit your business, document your network, and establish an onboarding point-of-contact at your company.
onboarding step 2

Productivity Migration

  • We work with your point-of-contact to coordinate a list of users, email addresses, and phone numbers so we can quickly get your team migrated into Office 365.
  • The quicker we coordinate on this migration step, the sooner your team gets to start using all the benefits of Microsoft’s cloud productivity software.
  • This migration does not include personal laser pointers for annoying your co-workers!

onboarding step 3

Safety & Security          

  • We gather all the information on your existing network and build that into our secure firewall and Wi-Fi, so that your company’s network starts out and remains safe and secure.
  • One of our IT Pros will visit your locations to install new enterprise-grade hardware (firewall and Wi- Fi access points), and clean up your network rack to keep things nice and tidy!
  • If you are lucky, they will bake brownies while running cables.
onboarding step 4

Workstation & Server Enrollment

  • Our techs will contact each one of your employees to do a quick introduction and remote into your workstations and servers to install antivirus, remote monitoring software, perform updates, and install Microsoft Office.
  • And although all of that sounds rather impressive, it is just a part of their standard superhero task list.

onboarding step 5

Back-ups & Disaster Recovery

  • All workstations are set-up with file and folder backups.
  • If you have servers, we set-up Microsoft Azure Site Recovery to ensure your data is continuously monitored remotely, and always available.
  • Our IT Pros are so lovable that you will have a hard time not bringing them baked goods.
onboarding step 6

Documentation of All Your IT Stuff

  • We gather all the information about your IT environment including passwords, network layout, physical locations, website, email ISP account information, and your (beloved) printers.
  • We put all of this vital information together for you in case you ever need it.
  • We store it in a medium-sized binder that is then placed into a large bank vault with codes only the CIA has access to—come on guys; we’re safe, but not CIA safe.

onboarding step 7

Tech Meet & Greet

  • Yay, technology training time! We want to make sure you understand all the tools you have at your disposal to take full advantage of our services.
  • During this visit, we provide an overview of the tools you have and explain how easy it is to use our friendly help desk service.
  • Trust us; this is going to be great! Like hot apple pie great!
onboarding step 8

Virtual CIO Reviews

  • Our unique Quarterly Review (QR) process allows you to discuss your business needs as they change so that we can keep your company headed straight toward achieving your business goals.
  • In your custom QR, we provide detailed information about what happened with your IT the previous quarter and what you can expect heading into the next one.

onboarding step 9

Custom IT Projects                               

  • After we get your company onboard, we will have a full picture of your IT needs and can then suggest some valuable IT projects that can keep your business competitive in your specific industry.
  • These projects may include a nerf gun war or two... Be ready!
onboarding step 10

Tip-of-the-Wand Newsletter & MITS Tips

  • Education and technology go hand-in-hand. Each month we send out an email newsletter containing IT tips and tricks that help educate and keep you and your team aware of how to get the most value from our services.
  • We are pretty hilarious too, so keep your eyes open for our silly faces!

Sit Back and Relax! We've Got I.T.!

Now you get to sit back and enjoy the magic of having your IT managed by Bit-Wizards’ IT Pros!

Our timeline for onboarding varies based on the size of your organization. You can expect some of these steps to occur simultaneously, but generally, they will follow the outline covered in this document. Your project kickoff meeting will be scheduled once your contract is signed, at that time you will receive a welcome package and a more detailed timeline.

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