Bit-Wizards Grabs Three More Kentico Competencies

kentico competencies

Bit-Wizards Grabs Three More Kentico Competencies

In April, Bit-Wizards was awarded the Kentico Online Marketing Competency, and now to add to that Kentico has also granted the Wizards three more competencies including E-Commerce, Mobile Development & Development and Integration

Kentico Mobile CompetencyKentico E-Commerce CompetencyKentico Development and Integration Competency
Vince Mayfield, CEO at Bit-Wizards states, “Kentico is our go-to partner when implementing a complete integrated marketing solution for our clients. Kentico drives more than 60% of our revenue each year and at least 95% of our content management and website development projects. Since becoming a Kentico partner, Bit-Wizards grown as a company by 40% year over year.

After developing multiple sites utilizing the e-commerce functionality of Kentico, developing several mobile-enabled sites, and integrating Kentico with other line of business applications, and passing necessary exams, Bit-Wizards was awarded the E-commerce, Mobile, and Integration Competencies from Kentico last week. With 11 certified developers, and a Kentico MVP on staff, Bit-Wizards understands all the facets of designing and developing sites using the Kentico platform. 

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