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 Full Frontal Nerdity Podcast

Meet the Celebs from Full Frontal Nerdity

This is Tech News at its finest!

What is Full Frontal Nerdity (FFN)?

Although they may have only a few podcast episodes under their pocket protectors, these IT Pros are dishing out a strong weekly tech- news focused podcast. If listening to tech news sounds a bit boring, you can bet your new Apple Watch that this podcast is anything but dull.

From wearable tech to the latest security breach, these guys break down tech news from all points of view and avenues. Offering how-tos and experience-based tips, they report the news, but also share real insights that you can only get from professionals who live and work with technology every single day. This podcast has become one of my very favorites.

Now, let's dive into the sneak peek info you've been waiting to read. 
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Who is FFN?

The podcast crew consists of some of our favorite IT Pros, of course, they happen to be employees here at Bit-Wizards, so we may be a bit biased on that point.

Moderator and creator of this beloved podcast, Sam Blowes, is a SharePoint Developer here at Bit-Wizards. The idea for this weekly tech podcast came to him while enjoying the constant banter that fills the shared office space of his fellow IT co-workers, Jeff Mitchell, Randy Schumann, and Joaquin Broadus. Sam decided that this seemingly normal office banter included quite a bit of valuable information and, thus, he dragged his co-workers into this new endeavor that they have come to enjoy on a weekly basis.
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Meet the FFN Hosts

sam blowes, sharepoint developerSam Blowes

FFN Moderator and Head Geek

Sam is the SharePoint Developer at Bit-Wizards and Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate for Office 365. Having worked extensively in the non-profit sector, he has designed network infrastructures, technical systems, and custom digital workflows for churches, media companies, and international missions’ organizations. Sam currently supports IT clients for Bit-Wizards as well as provides SharePoint migration and architecture consulting services. 


jeff mitchell, director of itJeff Mitchell

FFN Technical Chief and Batman Enthusiast  

Jeff is the Director of IT at Bit-Wizards and a Microsoft Cloud & Server MVP. His experience ranges from the technical cloud IT infrastructure architecture and automation projects to high-level consulting and IT business management services. Jeff runs the IT department at Bit-Wizards and sets the strategy and vision for their Managed IT Services department.


randy schumann, cloud architectRandy Schumann

FFN Fact Regulator & Master Frugalist

Randy is the Cloud Architect at Bit-Wizards and a seasoned 12-year technology veteran who began his professional career by providing computer and network support as an on-site technician. In his spare time, he taught himself how to design web pages and develop web applications using HTML, CSS, ASP, and SQL. Randy now works with Microsoft Azure Cloud technology by performing migrations and other IT services projects for Bit-Wizards clients.

joaquin broadus, it specialistJoaquin Broadus

FFN Comedy Relief & All Around Good Guy

Joaquin is an IT Specialist at Bit-Wizards and a Certified Apple Technician. He began his professional career 12 years ago with a local IT services company, where he sharpened his skills on both PC and Mac hardware and software support. Currently, Joaquin provides IT support for the entire Bit-Wizards team, and many of Bit-Wizards managed IT services clients. 

When Can You Listen to FFN?

full frontal nerdity show hostsEvery week on Tuesday afternoon, the crew gathers in their conference room and prepares to record.

They share a potluck lunch and dive into their topics filled with light-hearted banter and peppered with geek jokes and lots of value for IT Pros and 
anyone interested in keeping up with tech news from around the world. 

The show is usually live and ready for your yearning ears by the mid-afternoon on Tuesdays. Personally, I like to 
save the show for my Wednesday morning dreamill run... geek talk makes me run further ;)

Where Can You Find FFN?

ffn show host sam blowes
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LISTEN to FFN online at Overcast

LISTEN to FFN on iPhone

What Do You Think of FFN?

If you have listened to FFN, please give the guys a shout either here in the comments section below or on Twitter. Or, if you have some show suggestions or would like to sponsor FFN, we would love to hear from you!


Wiz E. Wig, Mascot & Director of Magic
Wiz E. Wig

Director of Magic